"I swear to god if you hit me with your tornado candy, I will freaking blow up the candy store..... and take all the candy.

Boo is some ghost ball hybrid and the main character in Boo Party 8. Boo was one of various "celebrities" invited to the Star Carnival.

About Edit

Boo has some of the worst luck on the boards. From getting his 4 billion star hotel he barely won at Koopa Darts crushed by Bowser, the Dolphin Shuttle taking him back to the start, and getting hit by a Bullet Candy induced character who used hacks to take a zillion stars, Boo dealt with it all. Boo also can rage. One time, he took a star in DK's Treetop Temple without paying and tried to hit a cop with a fireball. But he missed and lit the whole board on fire. Boo hates many of the other players, such as Birdo and Peach.

Boo also has an appetite. He loves to eat. Candy Stores fear him and Boo has made at least 547346482364937342374324728367836834569834905835256844913569473694548734892747373535645546793 candy stores go out of buisness for buying all the candy. He also won the years supply of candy and ate it in the span of two seconds. He's been reported to eat the other players' 3 star hotels in Koopa's Tycoon Town.

Boo has a time travel ability. When somethin bad happens to him, usually involving a Bandit stealing half of the coins in his only 3 star hotel, he can reset the turn so things go his way. However, to limit this power, a gauge has to be filled up. It's filled by the power of Boo getting bad luck on the boards, such as losing a hotel, losing 2 stars in a duel game, getting cashzapped, bandits robbing his 3 star hotels of half of their money, (which results in the gauge immediataly being filled.) somebody landing on a lucky space, somebody buying his lucky space hotel, and much more.


Trivia Edit

Boo is allergic to Bandits stealing 30 coins from his 3 star hotels.

Boo's twitter handle is @BooParty8

  • He was the first non TARS character made by Poyo Ride to get a twitter.
  • He currently has more twitter followers than Poyo Ride, even if you exclude all of Poyo Ride's accounts.

Official Boo Amiibo!

Boo has an amiibo for Mario Party 10. However, he is not playable.

Boo sometimes participates in Mario Kart. When doing this, he wears a crown to show how "good" he is at driving.