Cut from the Team
Cut from the Team is a battle game in Mario Party 8, which appears in Boo Party 8 as a notorious minigame.


In this minigame, each player takes turns cutting ropes. Sometimes, the ropes launch you off the mountain. However, your character somehow survives cause I don't know. The last person standing wins. There is no way of telling which ropes launch you off the mountain, meaning this is also a luck minigame.

In BP8Edit

Cut from the Team is the most infamous game in Boo Party 8, not only is it a battle minigame, it's also a LUCK MINIGAME! This means you could lose many coins due to it being a battle minigame because your luck is bad. Every character hates it, even Peach, who has her cheating skills disabled for the minigame. People always hope for other games, such as Boo and Hammer Bro hoping for Glacial Meltdown, Birdo and Peach hoping for Aim of the Game, etc, but it is always Cut from the Team.