Shy Guys Perplex Express

Shy Guy's Perplex Express is a board in Mario Party 8 and Boo Party 8.

Shy Guys Perplex Express is a very "intresting" train. It is going to insane at the speed of crazy, and the characters make it one of their boards. There is this one troll space in the kitchen which is close to the star. It gives you a "shortcut" to the top of the train, skipping the star. DK and Bowser also feel like hijacking the train.

Trivia Edit

When catching Bandit or Mowz, the conductor says that the train's reputation could've been ruined if the thief had gotten away. This implies the train has a good reputation, despite the Magikoopas who LIFT UP THE TRAIN CARS AND MOVE THEM, DK and Bowser who HIJACK THE TRAIN, the fact that it is technically SPEEDING BY GOING AT THE SPEED OF CRAZY, and the vent that SUCKS PEOPLE IN IT!

When DK/ Bowser appear to take over the front car, their train should crash into the normal front car.