​Lean Mean Ravine

Lean Mean Ravine

Starting off is the minigame that inspired this list. Lean Mean Ravine is a 2V2 minigame where 2 people are in some hovercraft or something and are racing to the finish in some mountain area that has some water. There are ramps and geysers that can help/hurt you. I generally don't like 2V2 minigames. The concept is good, but I don't like MP8's 2V2 selection that much. However, this is one of the better ones. Since I have no friends, I usually play with CPUS, so it feels like i'm the only one driving. So why is it mentioned? Well, my sister and I were playing one day when we got this minigame. The teams were Me (as Boo) and Blooper VS my sister (as Daisy) and Birdo. She kept on saying that her hovercraft was not turning well while mine was turning flawlessly. I put the blame on Birdo turning in the other direction, but she got mad because Blooper was the best partner ever. She wanted me to go easy on her, so I did my missing a ramp. I still won though. She got really mad at me, and the round of mario party got less fun after that. That made me not like this game, but it's not the worst.

Cut from the Team

Cut from the Team
Lets get the obivous one out of the way. Cut from the Team! Battle minigames are serious. They can take a lot of your coins, and if you don't win, you don't get them and Birdo and Peach get rich off your hard earned money. However, they usually take skill, except here. This one requires luck. This is the MP8 equivalent of gambling. You could lose tons of coins just because your luck stinks, while you could have won a ton of coins if the minigame was not luck.

Flip the Chimp

In this game, you have a robotic chimp that climbs up a vine. There are coconuts falling, and you have to shake the Wii Remote to flip the chimp. First up there wins. PROBLEM:The controls suck. They're pretty unresponsive to me, so my chimp keeps on getting hit while Birdo is dodging them like a god.